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The Spruce

Our project is about the spruce. This tree is infested by a small beetle, but these cause major problems especially in northern countries.

The beetle in question is called the Bark Beetle and if the ecosystem were in balance, the beetle would dig a passage in dead trees to lay their eggs about twice a year.

Global warming, which can be blamed on humans, has caused droughts, diseases, poorer soil quality, forest fires and much more. People keep cutting down trees, too many of the same trees are placed next to each other and the dead trees in the forest are cleared away.

This has major consequences, the beetle cannot live in dead trees and therefore looks for another cutting, which results weak spruces that are seen as a new nesting place.

The presence of the beetle in the spruce causes the tree to slowly lose its needles, release the bark and eventually causes the spruce to die.

We have designed a biodegradable trap. The purpose of the trap is that because the beetles die, they release nutrients back into the soil. We do not use chemicals, only natural products. After six months / a year, the trap with the beetles has turned into compost. This will give the soil more strength and hopefully we will help the trees to become stronger again!


Paulien van Esbroeck, Esmee Gruson, Alexandre Marie-Olive, Mathis Fay, Paul Noël

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